The 3% Dilemma

The Dilemma

Here’s the Dilemma: If disputes, lawsuits, grievances, negotiations, problems, or other concerns consume 3% or more of your resources (cash, time, people, attention, etc.) they set a trap that threatens your profit margin, growth potential, and perhaps your company’s survival.
The 3% Dilemma
traps you

The effects of disputes, critical negotiations, problems, and other concerns are easy to underestimate.  You and your managers often think the solution is coming “just around the bend.” But the only thing around the bend is another bend. Problems tend to drag on for unpredictable outcomes, and the organization slows down.

Strained relationships, workplace conflicts, and related stress can more than double your employee related costs and stifle productivity.  One international study of conflict and related stress in the workplace found 25% of employees have seen unresolved conflict lead to sickness or absence, 18% say people left the organization because of conflict, and 21% admitted to being demotivated because it was such a distraction.  There will, of course, also be intangible damages, including harm to your reputation and confidence in management.  The damages multiply if the problem should become a formal grievance or a lawsuit with unpredictable outcomes at best.

Make an honest appraisal

Ask yourself the following questions about the critical negotiations, disputes, problems, concerns, and related stress involving you or your organization:

1. Are they now consuming or endangering more than 3% of any resource?

2. Are they taking up more than 3% of the time or mental energy for you or your managers?

3. Are they threatening to derail more than 3% of the value of your business plans?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, or even maybe, you and your company are probably endangered by The 3% Dilemma.  Today, with capital difficult and expensive to secure, just 1% or 2% less productivity or more in costs can spell the margin between flourishing and fighting for survival.

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