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I am obsessed with building fair and respectful corporate cultures. I have over 25 years’ experience as an Ombuds, mediator, negotiator, neutral, and problem solver. As Ombuds, lauded by visitor for turning her life around with a question that caused her to reevaluate how she relates to others, building good will and reducing time, resources and costs needed for her case.

I turned-around 25 large media projects paralyzed by interpersonal challenges and in danger of not being delivered for an international insurance company bonding completion—all filled with antagonism, blame, and hostility requiring analysis of disputes and operational problems, then building resolutions with facilitation and mediation—delivered on time and budget with drop dead deadlines and $3M to $35M at risk. As a negotiator, I designed negotiation strategies and coached others. I’ve learned to make sure what’s good for the deal is not lost in negotiating struggle.

To create an e-commerce business plan, I analyzed 6 product lines across 6 Asian markets, raising $10M (twice the amount planned), and I also developed other successful executive documents. I consulted in a variety of industries, including medical services, entertainment,

Internet, and other industries. I managed both profits and non-profits. A non-profit company I co-founded was one of only 3 organizations Medicare awarded direct access to its plan data for the Medicare Part D launch.

I am a trained Ombuds and mediator, and am a member of the International Ombudsman Association. I have licenses to practice law in California, Illinois, and before the United States Supreme Court. I published articles on mediation and negotiation and wrote my masters thesis about Chinese culture. My volunteer work includes teen victim-offender and family mediations. I also served on the board of the California Dispute Resolution Council, the primary statewide organization advocating and lobbying for integrity in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

I have followed spiritual practice for more than 30 years, and periodically return to doing Tai Chi.


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