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Do you think a
Just Culture matters?

It mitigates risks
and produces more
predictable outcomes

We are passionate about helping you solve problems that arise before they can escalate with unpredictable organizational and financial consequences. Our goal is to produce fair and equitable solutions that mitigate risks and control costs.

We know problems can
have surprising benefits

Next time there is a real solution to one of your problems, notice how the heaviness you have held inside disappears. You may stand up straighter, or smile, or just feel good. When you see this happen, or experience it first-hand, you will understand our passion about solving problems and underlying conflicts.

People have told us that we changed their lives. We build trust that promotes increased understanding, generates creative options, and reframes visitors’ conflict stories so they can feel less like a victim.  As a result, visitors have more clarity and adopt more self-responsibility for achieving their own satisfactory solutions. Costs associated with compliance are reduced, risks become more controllable, outcomes and consequences more predictable.

We see problems
as opportunity

We understand problems and conflicts are not the worst thing in your life, and we can help you see them as opportunities. As Lyn Genelli, a therapist we know, likes to say, “Conflict is an opportunity that can help you [and your organization] grow beyond previous limitations, to try new attitudes and behaviors, to become both stronger and more flexible, to allow new and surprising conclusions to emerge—to co-create the kind of world we’d all prefer to live in.”

David’s approach as an Ombuds and mediator is grounded in operational experience solving crises, experience turning-around large troubled media projects for an international bonding company, and his understanding of esoteric psychology. He is a member of the international Ombudsman Association, has a masters degree in Intellectual Property and International Law, and is licensed to practice law in California, Illinois, and before the United States Supreme Court. Read more about David.

The secret to successfully
solving problems is the same
as for success in business–

Define real interests,
develop an overriding vision, and
enable people to push beyond
self-imposed limits


Understand how conflict produces unpredictable outcomes. Download the free chapter from David’s book Conflict Is Not A Sporting Event.


We take great joy in delivering more predictable and manageable outcomes from tough problems.
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