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Reducing compliance costs and increasing productivity
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Improve communication to help great organizations build fair and respectful corporate cultures that lower costs and increase productivity.
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Over 20 years solving problems, resolving conflicts and improving communication, including large value, multi-party, high pressure situations requiring strategic vision, trust building and negotiation expertise.

Do you have a corporate culture that
could be damaging your organization?

The Big Problem: You can have a great grievance process, satisfy your obligations regarding workplace compliance, and still have a workplace nurturing unmanageable risks that lead to expensive processes and unpredictable outcomes.

Here’s what’s going on: In most businesses (probably including yours), compliance costs are inflated because there is no safe, informal way for employees to resolve concerns related to the organization, their co-workers, and their working situation. They must swallow their feelings, file a formal grievance with all that entails, or find a new job. Whatever their choice, the consequences for the organization grow with escalating costs, unpredictable outcomes, and hard feelings that distract employees and diminish productivity.

Why you care: Ubiquitous poor communication, hidden conflicts, and related stress cause employee costs to double, waste an average 42% of supervisors’ time, and in the U. S. cost businesses $359 Billion a year in lost productivity. In addition, each transaction in the formal grievance process carries a high incremental cost.

Hopeful alternative: A full or part-time Ombuds Office in your organization will fill this unmet need. An Ombuds complements your formal grievance process and does not replace it.

What does a Real Solution look like for this Unmet Need?

Like the vase in the picture, we know the pieces are there to put together a wonderful solution for this Unmet Need in your organization. A real solution must, of course, be easy and inexpensive to implement, and should:

1. Reduce employee related costs (including for compliance) by:

a. Providing a safe, informal, easily accessed  strategic complement to your formal grievance process that avoids official legal notifications, written records, and sticky consequences.

b. Resolving tough employee and other problems informally and confidentially before they can fester and become a distraction.

c. Producing fair and equitable solutions that generate measurable results for both union and non-union environments.

2. Mitigate risks, reduce liabilities, and manage outcomes—by promoting a workplace culture that increases employee communication, satisfaction, and productivity. A Just Culture (what some call a Culture of Safety), based on fairness and respect, develops security, trust, and, most importantly, employee self-responsibility.

3. Provide early warning to senior management about new areas for organizational concern.

While every business will greatly benefit, we believe the unmet need is particularly strong in outward facing businesses, such as hospitality and retail, where 90% of employees have direct customer contact and where it’s likely employee discontent will unconsciously be communicated. Read about Why An Ombuds.

These are the parameters for our solutions.

We are awed by the amount
of trust people give to us…

…And we believe integrity matters

Our Solutions
Proactive Solutions
We can help you establish a full or part time Ombuds program that will:

  • Proactively resolve tough employee and other problems informally and confidentially.
  • Avoid the costs, legal hurdles, and bad feelings that are natural consequences of a formal complaint process.
  • Strategically reduce employee related expenses.
  • Mitigate risk and provide more predictable outcomes.
  • Improve workplace culture.
  • Provide senior management with early warning for new areas of organizational concern. Learn more.
Conflict Solutions
You can find authentic solutions for disputes—even for conflicts that are spinning out of control and may be in danger of becoming lawsuits or requiring costly settlements. This will stop the drain on your resources and diminish anxiety and uncertainty from your workplace culture, so that you and your team can return your focus to effectively delivering quality products and services. Learn more.


Discover what it really means to be the hero of your own story. Download the free chapter “Take Control of Your Conflict Story” from David’s book Conflict Is Not A Sporting Event.


Results can always improve. When people feel fairly treated, they become free to focus on their tasks and to take responsibility for improving results. Learn about The 3% Dilemma.

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