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What We Do

Assist individuals and organizations to identify strategic options and improve communication for building and supportting fair and respectful organizational cultures that lower costs and increase productivity.


Ombudsperson, certified conflict management coach, mediator, attorney with 20+ years’ experience solving problems and improving communication, including large value, multi-party, high-pressure situations requiring strategic vision, trust building, and negotiation expertise.  In addition, many years strategic consulting for organizations and delivering practical blueprints for effective change.

Why You Care

Conflict Is The Largest Hidden Cost For Business

  • 60% to 80% of all organizational challenges come from strained relationships between employees
  • 42% of a manager’s time is spent dealing with conflict
  • 29% of employees say workplace conflict is constant
  • $200K plus defense costs is the median employment related judgment — 25% are more than $500K

Conflict Escalates Absenteeism & Presenteeism

  • 25% of employees have seen workplace conflict result in sickness or absence
  • 30% of workplace stress is caused by conflict & 40%+ of adults have health problems related to stress
  • $150B yearly lost by U.S. business to absenteeism—losses from presenteeism are 10 times higher

Conflict Damages Productivity & Job Performance

  • 20% of employees feel demotivated by ongoing conflict
  • 9% of employees have seen conflict result in project failure
  • 89% of employees have experienced a workplace conflict that escalated
  • 18% higher customer retention when employees are highly engaged

You Can Unlock Hidden Benefits & Opportunities

  • 147% higher earnings/share for companies that increase talented managers & double rate of engaged employees
  • 70% of employees see managing conflict as a ‘very’ or ‘critically’ important leadership skill
  • 75% of employees report experiencing positive outcomes from conflict effectively solved
  • 95% of those receiving training say it helped them


Would you rather prove you’re right
or get what’s important?

Wondering if we can really help you and your situation?  We can not only help you and your team avoid conflicts, we can help you look under the surface of those you do have to find wisdom and opportunity.  You can increase the number and scope of available options, craft a solution that satisfies everyone’s real interests, and even move beyond your own self-imposed limitations.

Solving the conflicts and easing the stress they produce can become as easy, natural and life-affirming as breathing.  When fairness, equity and respect are important, we’re here for you.  You can also read more about who we help.

Ombuds Services
Trusted navigators

Now, in a time of accelerated and disruptive social, political, economic, technological and interpersonal change, organizational ombuds serve as trusted navigators, engaged by organizations to inform critical decisions and maximize their potential impact.  Ombuds help survey the terrain, assess risk, monitor trends, address challenges, and advocate for fair process.  Around the world, both full time and contract ombuds proactively solve problems….  Read more.

Proactive Mediation
Profit instead of pain

Prevent disputes from developing and stop disputes that surface from spinning out of control.  Whether it’z related to business, succession, probate, custody or something else, the real cost of a lawsuit is measured not only in cash, but emotional pain and the waste of valuable resources for unpredictable outcomes.  Proactive Mediation can give you command of your destiny and result in a fair sollution.  Give yourself a real opportunity — 5 minutes before you file the lawsuit….  Read more.

Conflict Coaching
Facilitating success

Harvest the hidden benefits of conflict.  Conflict management coaching can help you transform the wrinkles in both internal and external relationships so they serve you.  Within almost every conflict and dispute there are hidden opportunities and benefits.  CINERGY Comflict Management Coaching effectively offers you and other clients inspiration, motivation, support, feedback, confidentiality, and a safe context to facilitate successful achievement of your goals….  Read more.

Deal Alchemy
Don’t let them kick your tires

Get to the bottom-line quickly in critical negotiations.  Even for great negotiators, advantageous deals may perish on the vine for a variety of reasons or lead to results that are handicapped and fail.  Our Deal Alchemy approach focuses on real-interests (as opposed to apparant interests), enhances relationships, and creates a ‘healthy middle’ that can prosper.  This approach expands your solution opportunities, and can bbe used as a supplement or alternative to all manner of negotiations….  Read more.


Results can include —
and vary with circumstances

Manage client &
key relationships
more effectively

Resolve communication
blocks for systems to
function efficiently

Reduce compliance costs
and liability exposure

Improve productivity &
employee engagement

Control risks
as others have not

Protect brand
& reputation

Reduce employee
related &
other costs

Help an employee
poisoning the workplace

Liberate hidden values
in a negotiation

Increase management proficiency

Promote favorable
change with positive ROI

Improve communication to
enable difficult conversations

Turn around projects & operations
stalled by conflict

About Us

I am driven by values – focused on resolving problems and the underlying causes of conflicts, not just the symptoms.  My experience includes serving as an ombuds for a county Juvenile Welfare Department and turning around large media projects paralyzed with conflicts by utilizing coaching, mediation, and facilitation.  I am certified as a CINERGY Conflicts Management Coach, and have also served on the Board of the California Dispute Resolution Council.

My book, Free Yourself From Conflict, is for everyone who wants better relationships, improved leadership skills, or a less stressful, healthier and more peaceful life. From history, popular culture and my experience as an ombudsperson, crisis manager, and mediator, this is a methodology based in science and esoteric psychology for everyone to move from the pain and regret of conflict to kindness, compassion and peace – so conflict becomes opportunity. The simple 3-step method also offers mediators, ombuds, therapists and other conflict professionals openings for more effectively building trust, identifying real needs, and quickly reaching equitable solutions likely to last. Learn more.

Free Yourself From Conflict is available from, bookstores and other retailers.

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